Real Estate

I Buy Commercial Real Estate
$5,000 Referral


To define what I’m looking for in properties:
• in the path of progress
• 100% vacant buildings
• distressed properties
• highly motivated sellers

I pay $5,000 minimum to you at
closing if I buy a property that you told me about! Do you know anyone
who is selling property?
Please call me 505.269.4505

Click here for Master Commercial Properties Website

We Buy All Kinds of Property Especially:
– Vacant land in the path of progress
– Neglected properties
– vacant buildings
– land with debris on it
– overgrown pastures
– Rundown apartment buildings
– Vacant medical facilities
– Properties with flood or fire damage

* Multifamily (duplex, apartments, etc.)
* Self storage unit facility
* Mobile Home Park
* Raw Land (preferably agricultural so we can rezone or if it is in a prime location)

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