Gamechanger for Digital Writers & Publishers – STOP the MADNESS!

Attention Renegade Digital Indie Writers | Publishers:

Calling all digital writers and publishers, the digital mobile revolution is taking some exciting new turns with the waves.

Let’s ride…


The respectability gap between you and the folks whose work gets publishing in ink has almost completely closed…

That’s according to the NYT’s executive editor, Jill Abramson, who revealed that she has no special place in her heart for print media. Abramson no longer distinguishes between print and online, focusing instead on “the news report.”

Coming from the editor of any other site, that wouldn’t mean too much… but this is from the Executive Editor of the most influential media outlets in the world, the New York Times. So… yeah.

[testimonial1_arial author=”– Jill Abramson”]““There was too much focus in the past on the print product… [We] now make sure energy is 24/7 and not focused on newspaper deadlines and rhythms.”[/testimonial1_arial]

A few years ago, writing for a digital publication, even a pretty well-known one, was considered a second-tier qualification in a writer’s portfolio. For some reason, it didn’t matter that fewer and fewer people were actually reading print, those publications still held all the credibility.

The NYT, to the paper’s credit, keyed in on the shift earlier than almost any of its ink and paper competitors — a decision that has helped the Times establish itself as a digital innovator.

The same thing is now happening with authors, except we’re still a long way from a level playing field. The publishing industry is still dominated by an old model, despite the fact that, just like it was with the news media, any fourth grader could tell you that the future of books is digital.

It may feel like a risk to bypass the publishing models of the past, going straight to digital… but chances are that it won’t feel that way in 10 years.

In fact, right now might be the perfect time to get in early, before the ePub industry gets as overcrowded as the print publishing industry.

What do you think? Will the gap between digital authors and print authors close in the next 5 years?



I’ll be updating my blog over the next months with some great posts and videos regarding the future of mobile – digital apps, books, and the new digital millionaire lifestyle.

Stay tuned.

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