I guess I have no other choice than to do this FTC blogging disclosure so I can make sure everything is on the up and up on this blog. As of December 1st 2009, I’m required to disclose that I may be getting paid at times for the material I write on BrandonSchoen.com

I don’t sell too much stuff on this blog. Most of the time I just write about my random experiences and such. That may change in the future, but the primary use of this blog is to write about my life and the interesting people I meet.

However, I am required to tell you that any time you click on a link on this website, there is a decent chance that I may be paid if you buy a product on the other end. For the sake of argument, lets just assume that I get paid on EVERY link you see on this website.

At times, I receive free gear for blogging about particular products. At times I get free dinners from vendors who want to wine and dine me. And at other times crazy women are following me home at night and hiding out in the bushes.

Okay, so I made that last one up. Keep your pants on people.

The bottom line is this, I’m an affiliate marketer and a blogger and I occasionally offer my consulting to really serious people who want to really make something happen. When I review and/or tell you about a product, I often have a affiliate link attached to that product. When someone buys that product, I get paid. Simple as that.

According to the new law from the FTC, I need to disclose this to you.

That said, I don’t promote bullshit or accept money or gifts to skew my opinions EVER! I tell the truth about each and every product and cannot be bought to say something nice about your product or service.

Personally I think these new rules are a crock of shit, but hey, I understand why they exist. The FTC is trying to protect the consumer because god knows they can’t protect themselves. And yeah, there are a ton of affiliate scum marketers out there.

So be careful about what you buy and who you buy from. Eat your vegetables and don’t do drugs. And remember that when you buy stuff that I talk about on this blog or anywhere else, I get paid. (Preferably not in Pesos or IOU’s)

Last but not least, I promise to spend a portion of the money I make on wild partying, raging parties with friends, my wife and tasty snack treats for my dog Watson!

No pasa nada, talk soon

Brandon Schoen

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