Tell the World I’m Coming Home

Over the past 10 years I’ve traveled the world and naturally I’ve had to say it a lot. “I’m coming home” The power of decision, creates your entire life. You create your end destination before you arrive. I found this song on a recent mix and really enjoyed the vocals…  beautiful mix and crazy melody! […]

Theres a Change in The Air…

Indeed is it a massive change in the air. Are you ready for it? by the way, I’m going to see some live electro beats with MR. Page in a few weeks, he’s finishing off his “In The Air Tour” and my good friends entertainment company is bringing him thru the desert, and the best […]

Coldplay with an Electric Spin

One of my first CD albums I bought in high school back in the 90’s was the very first COLDPLAY – Parachutes –  and it changed my world. Years later, these guys are still pioneering music and history, and they remain untouched and so humble, which inspires me. In a recent interview I heard them […]

Uncovering new beats since Ibiza

A bunch of new tracks in the Electro Arena- I’m a lover of all types of music, but since living in Spain for a year, and visiting the mystical islands of IBIZA…. I’ve come to find a special liking to these strange sounds, the Electro beats will always live on in my soul, everyday I’m […]