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About Me

Brandon Schoen is a visionary serial entrepreneur, tech mogul, real estate investor and the founder of multiple digital marketing and new media publishing companies,  aiming to shake the planet and connect the world through fast paced technology. Currently he is collaborating with several tech start-ups including businesses in the realms of physical e-commerce products and digital goods. Through his entrepreneurial journey he has helped create corporate sales of large corporations like Hewlett Packard as well as consulting smaller local businesses to maximize their web presence, online marketing, and mobile presence. At age 29, Brandon operates an international business while launching new products every month. Brandon is currently focused on building Amazon brands and making his mark in the digital book space (Amazon-Kindle).  He specializes in building diversified portfolios of assets and is actively growing his development team while masterminding with top level digital marketers, developers, technologists, investors and other key players involved in ramping up a full scale digital empire. The vision unfolds… Brandon is currently enjoying being a new father of two and husband to his amazing wife, growing a family and a garden as always –  His motto for 2015 “Living everyday with enthusiasm unknown to mankind!”

“In business, to be a success, you only have to be right once” – MARK CUBAN

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the masses…

but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”  – MARCUS AURELIUS


HOLA! Hello Ladies and Gentelmen and Danka Schon for stopping by my site. . .it’s amazing you found it in all the clutter out there.

I figured this would be the easiest way for me to start documenting things about my life, people I meet, things I’m doing, businesses I’m working on, and places I’m traveling in the world. I’m 29 now, and been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old when I started a landscaping business and hauled a heavy lawn mower, weed wacker, and a greasy gas tank around in my smart-cart to rich people houses. I invoiced them, they paid me, it was liberating and I was on a mission to buy my first car, a 92 4-Runner, silver, off-road wheels, deluxe.

I had the great opportunity to serve for my high school as senior class Student Body Vice-President with my good brother Ryan Chilson, class of 2003 La Cueva will live on in history forever and ever, amen. Our group of hooligans pulled more schenanigans in those 4 years, it was un freekin believable. We lived up every moment and made some incredible memories and friends indeed.

Around this time of my life I  became an underground botanist and built a greenhouse only to grow hundreds of exotic plants and all my own vegetables, and then I jumped in the wishing well and began cultivating water plants for 4 years and building waterfalls and ponds while studying Japanese Bonsai techniques and cultivation. Most kids my age were set on other things, but I just wanted to GROW something amazing, something worth waiting for, and something that continued to prosper and make my life better every day.So I studied it, and I mastered it.

Years later I decided to start growing some money trees. I tackled college quickly and enjoyed every moment, saw things, met people, started a fraternity Kappa Upsilon Chi ( a tribe 🙂 of men warriors – and then walked up the granduous red carpet to be finally graduated from the University of New Mexico Suma Cum Laude for International Business – Bachelors; plus I had a minor in Spanish and lived in Granada, Spain for 13 months back in 2006-7. This time in Spain, i completely disconnected from everything I had ever known, new language, new culture, and it was quite possibly the turning point in my perspective in life.  I lived with Spaniards, a guy from Chile, a girl from Paris, and even some Chinese people!  ( Ran q me oyes bien! Fue una Locura) and got to know the city of Granada, Spain – and the famous Alhambra, oh how i’ll never forget waking up every morning to your mystical sunrise. Or walking home from a club at 7am after churros y chocolate. An experience not everyone has… I did stuff like this every day. Te echo de menos G-town.

I’ve always had a passion for traveling ( and I’ve been super blessed to have landed a ship to nearly 30 countries in the world now) and it will be something I do til the day I die. Seeing the world, Seeing new people.  I love it.

Also always had a passion for all kinds of music, and been a percussionist in a few bands when I was younger. I play guitar, drums, bongo, cajon, and I even have some made up instruments that I beat on the days I feel like being a crazy man. However, electronic music, house music, electro house, dubstep, and all the new rage – etc. has been my new stomping ground and I’m excited to see where that goes.

My whole life I’ve competed in sports – soccer, baseball, running disgustingly long distances,  Tae-Kwon-Do (1st Degree Black belt)/Hapkido, Wrestling, some ground fighting (I’ve rolled around with  Diego Sanchez from the UFC, yes he is an animal) and I’ve competed in a few triathlons around the world so far. So yes I love putting on my favorite jams and just running, or trekking on my mountain bike up a steep mountain to get me re focused.

Back to the story – after college I embarked on a new mission: the corporate underworld. I took a job and worked for Hewlett Packard, and saw the inner workings of one of the biggest most successful corporations in history. The rumors are true; they truly are an outstanding company and I had a blast selling millions of dollars of computers to major corporations and banks…
but my entrepreneurial disease zapped that job shortly after a year or so into it; But again my perspective was deeply impacted, for I had seen something BIG and my initial exploration had landed me a pretty big clue as to what was really happening in the world. Truly,  it made me realize just how big computers, the internet, and the information age technology revolution that was happening every day before my eyes. Funny enough I was up every night until about 3:30am , and would go into work at 6:30am, I was dedicated and more determined than anyone to find light at the end of this dark long tunnel.

So soon enough things came to light, strangely enough realizations came to me that I had done what most entrepreneurs didnt’ do – I had actually finished school. . Oooops. Big No no, right?  unlike Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and some of the greatest entrepreneurs in history. So I got a later start. Well, I’m a finisher, what can I say. I’ll be better for it, just you wait and see.

It was that point that I became “genetically unemployable” and could never work another job again. It had now become my job to be an entrepreneur, embrace the change, leverage new technology, the internet, smart phones, and create history. I realized while all my friends were looking for jobs at big companies, I was totally disgusted with the idea. Most of all I realized Today is different, and I was on a mission to learn how to become a “linch-pin”, or indespensable to any organization. And to be able to print my own money whenever I needed it.

I had a few revelations we’ll say, and at that point broke out on my own and started my own internet marketing company. At first I consulted local clients, then eventually I staffed a team clear across the world and was running an international business from my laptop and the same desk I once studied on. It has been an amazing journey so far.  My most recent adventures are taking me into launching digital products, curated sites, and moving into mobile apps and that sort of technology.

FREEDOM isn’t FREE, it’s costs a buck 05 plus inflation ( as my buddy Alex would say)

Don’t Get Lazy like my basset hound Watson…

Anyways, my friend Alex is right. You gotta really Want freedom,  and you Really need to have some VISION for what you want in your life.

For me I realized I need to go fail fast, make some mistakes, but be doing it as an Entrepreneur IN THE ARENA with my face marred with sweat and blood and dirt, instead of one day looking back at my life and being one of the cold and timid souls that never knew victory nor defeat.

Some of my major strengths:

*Maximizer ( I tend to kick ass and maximize my potential, and anything I touch)

*Focus (I’m extremely focused when I know what I want and I go after it)

*Discipline (I have a black belt, and yes I have broken a brick with my bare hand on more than 1 occasion)

*Responsibility ( I can handle a lot of stress and sleep anywhere – I can take on a lot and find a way)

*Futuristic (I am very forward thinking, progressive, and an innovative entrepreneur – wat did ya expect?)

*Belief & Self Assurance (I have a deep believe and assurance in myself and anything I devote my time to – thank the Lord)

This is the game of life, and I am here to LIVE – and LOVE – and be part of this great adventure. I was made to discover and be engaged in an ultimate adventure. I’m a creative inventor and artist. I’m a talented musician and every day I compose new music and rhythm into my life. I’m a source of inspiration for others because of my unique ability to perceive the future and talent to maximize life. I’m an instigator of new international businesses and the spreading of ideas rapidly. Someone can count on me to follow through and persevere challenges while maintaining amazing relationships. I’m the creator of great possibilities, ideas and positive energy that flows freely into my life.

I’m a passionate dude who loves the ocean, the mountains, and all of creation. I’m a master at taking something ordinary and reflecting it into something more beautiful and more extraordinary because I have amazing vision. I’m a spiritual leader and buddha to those seeking wisdom and enlightenment. I’m an extremely grateful being who has been blessed with the most incredible friends, family, and I experience unmerited grace and mercy every day. I’m an incredible competitor and challenger as an athlete which has paves the way to teach me endurance and that anything is possible and if you believe you can win,  you can. My thoughts become things, and my vision becomes my reality. The universe conspires to me and I bow in humility and say “namaste”

If I don’t already know you I hope to someday meet you and maybe get to share some LIFE or do business together.

I currently reside in the mountains, secret headquarters,

where I do my work in quite isolation as I quietly take over the internet and now the mobile world as well,  – any entrepreneur’s playground

Anyways, I’m currently getting into all kinds of schenanigans with technology, building mobile apps for smart phones,

and just launched my first internet marketing course this year. So I’ve been busy to say the least and things are happening fast. Buckle Up and Ride that bull by the horns, it’s all part of the grand adventure at stake.

Other than that enjoying my 4nd year of marriage to my amazing wife Julie! she is my everything. I’m also a new DAD to two beautiful brilliant kiddos who inspire me and help me to realize how grateful I am every day.

We are getting ready to build some big businesses, and Travel the World!  leaving no stone unturned.

Our most recent trip we lived in San Francisco and we lived in Diamond Heights for about a month. . .  Saw the San Francisco symphony play and all kinds of Foody goodness and a few trips to Napa wine country…